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Q: Что значит actively?
A: it means something is currently doing something. It can usually mean they’re more enthusiastic about it.


1. The machine is actively making ice cream.

2. The teacher is actively teaching.
Q: Что значит actively?
A: It means that you are taking steps toward something. For example, I am actively working on my Spanish. That means that I am consistently working on my Spanish
Q: Что значит actively?
A: With vigor

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Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с actively .
A: thank you

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Q: В чем разница между actively и loudly и vividly ?
A: これら言葉は日本語でとても違う意味があって英語も同じです。ニュアンスでもあり、全然近くないです。
活躍、 どぎつい、 鮮明
I am actively looking for a job

Someone’s singing loudly in the bathroom stall.

I can vividly remember my old toy bear.

Q: В чем разница между actively и proactively ?
A: Actively - in an energetic way; deliberate and positive
Proactively - to take control of a situation rather than waiting for something to happen

She was actively listening to the lecture.
The business owner was actively looking for places to open a branch.

Instead of waiting for the future to come, be proactive and work on your goals.
The student proactively helped her friend rather than waiting for her to get hurt.
Q: В чем разница между actively и proactively ?
A: Actively: “I’m actively trying to fix a marriage.”
Proactive: “I’m going to premarital counseling to be proactive.”
‘Active’ means you’re doing something currently and ‘Proactive’ means you’re ready before something happens.

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