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Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? Applebee's
A: It's the same.


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Q: I'm here in Applebee's restaurant at 8:30am.
The waitress said this morning was fundraising and I have to pay $10.
Is this popular event? What do you think I pay for? For poor people or church?
A: gwriterk is right. You can always decline by saying, 'No thank you, I don't want to contribute this morning.' But sometimes, it is the restaurant (or business) that contributes to some good cause, and you pay the same price. (For example, they might say, 'we are giving $10 from every check to cancer research today.') In that case, although it is you paying, it is the business that is making the decision to give up part of their profit to a cause, and they are just letting you know.

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