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Q: Что значит There’s only so much that I can BS before I start just straight up repeating myself?
A: BS = bullshit

In this context, it means to fake your way through something without much effort. Or to make something up.

An example:

My teacher wants me to write a five page essay.

I work very hard to write one good page. Then I bullshit my way through three more pages.

I still have to write one more page. However, I've run out of things to write. If I keep bullshitting, I'll just end up needlessly repeating myself.
Q: Что значит This is BS, This is BS!?
A: BS is short for “bull shit”. It can be used interchangeably with “ridiculous”.
Q: Что значит that's a BS?
A: Assuming you are not referring to a specific piece of jargon, BS is a common acronym for "bullshit". "Bullshit" often meaning a lie, or an obfuscation of the truth.

"That's bullshit" is said to mean "you are lying to me".
Q: Что значит BS that happens doesn't matter?
A: BS is slang abbreviation for Bullshit. Excuse my language
Q: Что значит "BS"?
A: "BS" is short for "bullshit", which means nonsense.

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Q: Как сказать на Английском (британский вариант)? BS (and what does it mean??)
A: It means that someone is telling lies or saying incorrect things. It stands for "bullshit".

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Q: what is BS honers mean?
A: I'm really not sure as the text is sort BUT I think it's:

I think 'honers' might actually be HONOURS (perfect score)
I achieved my degree with honours. I'm now Dave Smith BS (bachelor of science)
Q: What does "BS Artist" mean ??
Yesterday, my american close friend called me Bull Shit artist. I know that is slang.
But, I wanna understand exactly about that meaning.
Is that something like 'dude' or 'funny guy' ?
A: It can definitely be a compliment.

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