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Q: Что значит close up?
A: Army! ♥ In which sentence do you want to use it?
Q: Что значит 'close yourself down'?
A: If I am really upset about something I might close myself down... turn off my phone, lock myself in my bedroom, if I have to go out I will not talk and avoid eye contact.

Could be a short term thing or maybe my life sucks and I do this for months. I just want to be left alone.
Q: Что значит dragged itself to a close?
A: It means it closed (ended) but took very long to end.
Q: Что значит "close" in 285?
A: Yes, in fact, short is more common when we talk about a haircut, but if we speak about shaving, we always use "close" (but not close-cropped, that is only for haircuts and lawns).
Q: Что значит I'm this close ?
A: In this close to finally solving this problem/equation. I'm this close to making a huge scientific breakthrough. I'm this close to finally understanding what this means.

Example sentences using "Close"

Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с that’s about as close as you get.
A: "Well, since you don't have a job... Here, take this children's tricycle. That's about as close as you'll get to owning a car."

"That time a lady bumped into me in the hallway was as close as I'll ever get to hughing a woman. #sadlife."

"The closest I've ever been to visiting Japan was when I ate that sushi at a Japanese restaurant."
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с close quaters.
A: When they ran out of ammunition, the soldiers fought hand to hand at close quarters.

On Terrace House, living in close quarters sometimes causes problems between the cast members.
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с close .
A: CLOSE (adjective)
1. a short distance away or apart in space or time.

example sentence:
"The hotel is close to the sea."

A) with very little or no space in between; dense.

example sentences:
"The cloth has a close weave."
"The airplanes are flying in close formation."

B) being in a small space.

example sentence:
"The animals are in close confinement."

C) very near to (being or doing something).

example sentences:
"On a good day the climate in Los Angeles, California is close to perfection."
"I was close to tears."

D) (with reference to a competitive situation) won or likely to be won by only a small amount or distance.

example sentences:
"The race will be a close contest."
"Both fighter's had muscles of the same size so the game was a very close match."

2. Denoting a family member who is part of a person's immediate family, typically a parent or sibling.

example sentence:
"There is family history of cancer in close relatives."

A) (of a person or relationship) on very affectionate or intimate terms.

example sentences:
"They had always been very close friends, with no secrets at all."
"They had always been very close coworkers, with no secrets at all."

B) (of a connection or resemblance) strong.

example sentence:
"The college has close links with many other institutions."
"The daughter's face looks really close to her father's."

3. (of observation, examination, etc.) done in a careful and thorough way.

example sentences:
"We need to keep a close eye on this project."
"The parents of the teenage boyfriend and girlfriend kept a close eye on them so the teenagers wouldn't do anything they weren't supposed to be doing."

A) carefully guarded.

example sentence:
" His whereabouts are a close secret."


CLOSE (adverb)
1. in a position so as to be very near to someone or something; with very little space between.I

example sentence:
"They stood close to the door."


2 CLOSE(verb)
1. move or cause to move so as to cover an opening.

example sentences:
"She jumped into the train just as the doors were closing."
"She closed the door."

A) block up (a hole or opening).

example sentence:
"Glass doors close off the living room from the hall."
"Hurry up a close the hole in the boat so it won't start leaking!"

B) bring two parts of (something) together so as to block its opening or bring it into a folded state.

example sentence:
"Loretta closed her mouth."

C) gradually get nearer to someone or something.

example sentences:
"They plotted a large group of aircraft about 130 miles away and closing fast."
"The enemy was closing in fast."
"The gap is closing."

D) come into contact with (something) so as to encircle and hold it.

example sentences:
"My fist closed around the weapon."
"His arms closed around her to give her a hug."

E) make (an electric circuit) continuous.

example sentence:
"This will cause a relay to operate and close the circuit."

2. bring or come to an end.

example sentences:
"The members were thanked for attending, and the meeting was closed."
"He closed the meeting"

A) (of a business, organization, or institution) cease to be in operation or accessible to the public, either permanently or at the end of a working day or other period of time.

example sentences:
"The factory is to close with the loss of 150 jobs."

B) finish speaking or writing.

example sentence:
"I will close my essay with a point about truth."

C) bring (a business transaction) to a satisfactory conclusion.

example sentences:
"He is going to close a deal with a metal dealer."

D) remove all the funds from (a bank account) and cease to use it.

example sentence:
"I want to close my Sun Trust bank account and open a new account with Wells Fargo Bank."

E) make a computer data file inaccessible after use, so that it is securely stored until required again.

example sentence:
"I am going to close my Photoshop document."

1. the end of an event or of a period of time or activity.t

example sentences:
"The afternoon drew to a close."
"The close of the political talks signaled the audience to go home."

A) the end of a day's trading on a stock market.

example sentence:
"At the close the Dow Jones average was down 13.52 points."

B) the conclusion of a phrase in music; a cadence.

example sentence:
"The close of the song was when I noticed that all of the people in the audience were crying."

2. the shutting of something, especially a door.

example sentence:
"The door jerked to a close behind him."
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с close shave .
A: @pl_nextero. This is an English idiom. "a close shave" means "a near miss" or to narrowly avoid something, usually nasty or serious. "She had a close shave when crossing the road - a stolen car narrowly missed her!".
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с close to home (figurative).
A: This apple pie is close to home.
The song you sang is close to home.
He said that your bag is close to home.

Synonyms of "Close" and their differences

Q: В чем разница между close in и close in on ?
A: "Close in" or "close in proximity" for example would mean they are very close like within arms reach.

"Closing in on" would mean they are getting closer.
Q: В чем разница между close to и near ?
A: They are very similar but I think the word "close" is usually used when describing burns close to "someone" whilst the word "near" is usually used when describing near to "something". For example
Can I come "close" to you
The shop is "near" the end of this road.
Plus I think close is used for describing when someone of something is really close to you like within reach whilst near is a bit beyond reach.
I hope this helps
Q: В чем разница между near и close и thanks! ?
A: --That shop I wanted to visit is nearby.
--That park is near my office.
--I think I dropped my wallet near the grocery store.

--That shop I wanted to visit is fairly close. [fairly/pretty/somewhat]
--That shop I wanted to visit is close by.
--That park is close to my office.

There isn't a big difference. 'Nearby' is one word, while 'close by' is two. In the first examples (that shop...), you would only say 'nearby', 'somewhat close', or 'close by'.
Also, in the park examples, 'close' needs 'to', but 'near' does not.
Q: В чем разница между close и near ?
A: ほとんど同じ意味です。だけど、

'near' can only be used to describe physical distance, while 'close' can be used for relations

X 'we are quite near friends'
O 'we are quite close friends'
Q: В чем разница между near и close ?
A: When they are used as adjectives, close and near can often be used in the same way when talking about physical distances.
The grocery store is close.
The grocery store is near.

They are not the same when talking about more abstract concepts, like relationships.
My mother and I are close. (we have a strong relationship)

As a preposition, only near can be used without the word 'to.'
I am close to the library.
I am near the library.

Translations of "Close"

Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? How to say "close the door" but not completely?
A: You can ask them to close the door but to “leave a crack in the door” or to “leave the door cracked open”.

Or you can say: “Will you slightly close the door?”
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? close is a verb?
closer is adjective?
closely is adverb?
closest is adjective?
can you help me please with examples?
A: Close (verb)
“Please close the door.”
“Make sure to close the container after opening it.”
“Case closed.”
“I’m closing my suitcase.”

Close (adjective)
“That was a close call.”
“You’re awfully close. Could you back up a little bit?”
“Don’t put chemicals too close to the fruit.”

Closer (adjective: comparing 2 things)
“The park is closer than the museum.”
“San Francisco is closer to us than Los Angeles.”

Closest (adjective: comparing 2+ things)
“Which is closest to you? School, work, or the library?”
“My closest friend is Mary (out of my other friends).”

Closely (adverb: attentively/carefully)
“Listen closely.”
“Follow all instructions closely.”
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? close
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Как сказать на Английском (британский вариант)? to "close" the telephone or the telephone call?
A: To "hang up" the phone.
or , just "hang up"
Q: Как сказать на Английском (британский вариант)? 'we are all in close ages from each other' to sound natural
A: 'We are all close in age'

Other questions about "Close"

Q: When will you close today? это звучит нормально?
A: I would change the will to do,
"When do you close today"
Or change the when to what time
"What time do you close today"
Hope I helped
Q: They say "far from here" and "close to here". I wonder why "close from here" is incorrect.
A: Sometimes, people say "close from here."

Using "from" emphasizes the "distance" and "to" emphasizes the "directness" or "closeness". That is why "to" is more often used in the somewhat fixed expression "close to here."
Q: I think that Japanese don't like to do too much close with parents or good relationship parsons in publics than other countries. The reason is that Japanese embarrasses to show many people own personal things in public. In spite of we don't care about this too much close distance with not knowing people in crowded train.

If you find something to do proper word, please fix this sentence just right. это звучит нормально?
A: I think that Japanese don't like to behave affectionately with our parents or closed / loved ones in public as compared to other countries as we are embarrassed to do so. However, we pay no attention to strangers who are standing close to us in crowded trains.
Q: ​​"We were just joking. Please, close this subject." это звучит нормально?
A: Better to say: We were just joking. I'm sorry, can we change the subject? or Can we please drop the subject?
Q: We are close, but not as close as you can propose to me! это звучит нормально?
A: "We are close, but not so close that you can propose to me!"

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