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Q: Что значит "I should not be left to my own devices they come with prices and vices, i end up in crisis."?
A: Taylor Swift lyrics né 😂❤️ it means when she is left alone to make her own decisions she often gets herself in trouble!
Q: Что значит I should not be left to my own devices.?
A: my apologies! Looks like my Japanese was wrong. Sure:

"I should not be allowed to do things in my own way."
Q: Что значит computerized devices?
A: A computerized device is simply a machine that is controlled by a computer. Like a robotic assembly line that assembles cars automatically, or even a printer. Any machine that is controlled by a computer.

I hope this helps :)
Q: Что значит devices?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Что значит but if i'm left to my own devices i'll just spiral down into my own depression?
A: if she is by herself she will get very depressed. do you get these questions from songs? 🤣

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Q: В чем разница между These devices are designed to aid communication и These devices are designed to help communication ?
A: they are more or less interchangable but in this case, the second sentence sounds better
Q: В чем разница между electronic devices и electric appliances ?
A: Electronic devices:

Things such as phones

Electronic appliances:

Things such as a microwave

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Q: Как сказать на Английском (британский вариант)? たくさんの機器(devices)がここに並んでいます。

A lot of devices are lined up here.
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? devices
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? 내부 액정 (devices)
A: I think you mean LCD (liquid crystal display).

내부 = internal
액정 = liquid crystal

We just say "LCD" though. We don't say "internal liquid crystal display" .

A Liquid Crystal Display works by having two layers of polarised material with liquid crystal in between them. When an electrical current is applied to the liquid crystal molecules they become scattered allowing light to pass through. LCD makes the images look better and sharper on electronic devices.

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Q: Can ”technologies” refer to devices or machines? For example, when I see drones, or robots, can I say” these technologies( drones,robots)are amazing!”?
A: Yes, in that context “technologies” works, but it should be “The technology is amazing!” because you are referring to multiple things and they are grouped together as one thing. Hope this helped and if you are still confused, ask more questions!
Q: computerized devices are essential for modern life:

These days, there are many digital devices around us, I agree with the idea that It is essential for modern people to use these devices. Computerized devices is essential in both public, such as business and private situation such as between friends.

We must use computerized devises in order to communicate smoothly in private situation. We always communicate with friend and families in SNS with digital devices. For example, I and my friend, Tomoki always decide when to go out, chatting on the web. Without the devices, it is much more difficult for us to meet. According to the data reported by Keio university, more than 99% of people who are younger than 65 years old use computerized devises to communicate with their family or friends. In addition, computerized devise is helpful to preserve people’s memory. Most young people always take pictures with their smartphone when they look at something beautiful or cute and something they must not forget, such as the range of their house work or final examination. In my university, when the professor let us see the important data, student take some pictures and the professor admit it. In this way, the device is very important for us.

Next, computerized devises are essential for business person. These days, they preserve important data, such as individual information of customers, strategy of their firms and so on. Firms are forced to utilize numerous information in order to gain profit now. Thus, without the devises, firms have trouble in collecting and utilizing data. In addition, these days, many people, called data scientists analyze data that include many information, called big data with PC. By doing so, they utilize many information about preferences of customer and so on, and gain more and more profit. That is why computerized devises are essential in business, too.

For these reasons, I agree with the idea that it is essential for modern people to use the devices. The devices help people not to forget important information, to utilize data effectively and communicate with familiar people smoothly. это звучит нормально?
A: The grammar is a bit off throughout much of the writing. For example, in the first paragraph you said "Computerized devices is essential in both public, such as business and private situation such as between friends." when it should be written like this: "Computerized devices are essential in both public spaces, such as businesses, as well as private spaces such as home, or for use between friends". There are many examples like this throughout your writing, if you can fix them it would sound much better.
Q: I think that other devices should be invented to help people with their household chores.
In Japan, the population is decreasing more and more, so we will have to work and we have no time to do the household chores in the future even if women and elderly people.
so we need devices which help our household chores. это звучит нормально?
A: 1) I would use the word “more” devices instead of “other” devices.
2) I would simplify by stating the facts:
“The Japanese population has been steadily decreasing over the past 2 decades. As a result, the working class will be required to work even longer hours. Therefore, advances in home automation will be needed to support the effects on Japan’s shrinking population
Q: "The new devices will be installed on the hopper". Should I use "the" before the word "new"?
A: Both sentences are okay to use :)
Q: Carry-on devices must be fully charged before boarding. (what does" charged"mean in the sentence? Is that equal to "checked"? If so,those are checked by whom?)
A: Yes that is exactly what the sentence is implying.

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