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Q: Что значит Final final test ?
A: It’s the exam at the end of the course. Usually it is very important and worth a lot for your final grade
Q: Что значит I've got finals coming up next week.?
A: the word finals there means the examination or テスト
Q: Что значит I'm final.?
A: doesn't make sense
Q: Что значит I get finals is a real pain in the butt. But I don't have finals yet we have finals in June so I got a couple of more months. We have mid term which is coming up soon and it's for different classes.?
A: I know that final examinations are really annoying.
But I don't have final examinations yet.
We have our final examinatioms in June, so I have a few more months (to study).
We have our midterm examinations for different classes that are coming up soon.
Q: Что значит I just got out of my finals a while ago ?
A: I finished my exams recently

Synonyms of "Final" and their differences

Q: В чем разница между final и last ?
A: In a nutshell:
• Last = most recent; coming after all others in time or order.
• Final = "last" with a sense of ending, nothing afterwards.

For example:
"The judge passed down a final judgment."
"I won't help you, and that's final."
"His final choice was to stay home."
"That's my final answer."

"I helped you last time, but this time will be different."
"Last week (the week before), I helped him move."
"The last time I saw him, he looked great."

Sometimes they can be synonyms if the last time is actually the final time.

"What were his last words?"
"What were his final words?"

"The last time I saw him before he died."
"The final time I saw him before he died."
Q: В чем разница между final и end ?
A: "End" is more natural. For example, "This is the end of the game." You can't say, "This is the final of the game."

- Here's an example with "final": "This is the final exam."

Both words are used for different context.
Q: В чем разница между final и finale ?
A: Final means something is last.

Finale is a thing that is saved for last.
Ex: "The TV show finale was really good!"
Q: В чем разница между the final и the last ?
A: They're synonyms, so the final performance is the last performance. The finalists are the last contestants left in the competition. But a person in last place is not in the finals. So what I'm saying is there's only a slight difference in their meaning most of the time
Q: В чем разница между final и last ?
A: Basically, it is kind of the same.

Translations of "Final"

Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? 最终还是航空公司来决定。怎么用final call说的更native一点?
A: In the end, it is the aviation company that gets to make the final call.
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? After finals(=test?) I went to the cafe which overlook the river.
The owner of the cafe told me her daughter is in Sebring and she teach Korean to foreigner. And she advised me acquiring  a Korean language teacher certificate for foreigners.

A: After finals, I went to a cafe overlooking the river. The owner of the cafe told me that her daughter was in Sebring teaching Korean to foreigners. She suggested that I acquire a certificate for teaching Korean language to foreigners.

I would suggest that you add a little more context to make it sound more natural.

For example; I went to a *beautiful* cafe overlooking the river.
*The air felt more refreshing since I’m done with finals*.
*I started chatting with the cafe owner about school and possible future plans and that’s when she told me about her daughter.*

Extra context helps the paragraph feel more natural and paints a clearer picture rather than just a few sentences of information.

좀 더 자연스럽게 들리도록 컨텍스트를 추가하는 것이 좋습니다.

예를 들면 다음과 같습니다. 나는 강이 내려다 보이는 *아름다운* 카페에 갔다.
*결승전이 끝나서 공기가 더 상쾌 해졌습니다*.
*카페 주인과 학교와 향후 계획에 대해 이야기하기 시작했고 그때 딸에 대해 이야기 해주었습니다.*

추가 컨텍스트는 단락이 더 자연스럽고 몇 문장의 정보가 아닌 더 명확한 그림을 그리는 데 도움이됩니다.
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? final
A: final/last

Other questions about "Final"

Q: A: Speaking of finals, how many do you have?
B: I’ve got two down and two to go.

I cannot understand what B say. Please tell me in other words.
A: I have done 2
I have to do 2 more
Q: "He must kill his finals." это звучит нормально?
A: This sounds fine but it wouldn’t really be said. If it were me, I would say:

“He must do well on his finals”

Like in my other response from one of your other questions you could use the word “ace”. But it sounds more likely that it would appear in a story book if the author wanted to show that the character must do well:

“He must ace his finals”

You can chose which one to say. If you are writing a story you can go with the second one but you can still say it in a conversation. It is also closer to your sentence. Or you can chose the first sentence which is usually more common to speak but can still use for a story if you want.
Q: I had been preparing for finals all the day long, so I didn’t feel like going out that night. это звучит нормально?
A: “i had been preparing for finals all day long so i didn’t feel like going out that night”.
Q: When do you finish finals?
When are the finals finished? это звучит нормально?
A: The first one is fine. But the second one is a little unnatural. Try, "When are your* finals finished".

Also, for a more informal setting (with friends and family). You can use "done" instead of "finished".

"When are you done with finals? "
Q: During finals week, may delay the response. это звучит нормально?
A: "During finals week my response may be delayed"
"My response may be delayed during finals week"
OR (for an email or similar)
"It is currently finals week, and as such it may take longer for me to respond than normal. Please excuse this delay, and I will respond as soon as possible."

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