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Q: Что значит foliage week?
A: National Fall Foliage Week lasts one week, beginning on the last Sunday of September.
Q: Что значит foliage?
A: Foliage means the leaves of a plant.

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Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с foliage .
A: "Foliage is perfect for cheap DIY decor, especially at Christmas."

"The foliage in the courtyard looks overgrown, I'll ask the gardener to trim it back."

"You should see this forest in autumn, that's when the foliage is most beautiful!"

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Q: В чем разница между foliage и leaf ?
A: That pretty much covers it :)

It is a lot less common to use the word foliage in everyday speaking.
Q: В чем разница между foliage и leave(s) ?
A: Leaves is plural for leaf.
Foliage includes all the leaves of one or more plants. It can also be represented by branches and flowers of the plants along with the leaves.
Q: В чем разница между foliage и leaf ?
A: Foliage is the leafy part on the tree or plant where as the leaf itself is the flat organ like feature on most plants
Q: В чем разница между foliage и leaf ?
A: thank you😊
Q: В чем разница между foliage и leaf ?
A: Foliage is used to describe more than one plant, such as many bushes.

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Q: Как сказать на Английском (британский вариант)? Over grown foliage
A: it depends what is overgrown

overgrown garden
overgrown hedge
overgrown shrubbery ect

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Q: To make the foliage of a boxwood turn red, you should place it in a sunny place and it needs a cold climate in winter. это звучит нормально?
A: Change "and it needs" with "with"
Change "in winter" to "during winter"(this change is optional, this is just how I would say it)
Q: When it comes to fall foliage viewing in Japan, it's definitely Kyoto.
The popular places for fall foliage viewing in Kyoto are Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Eikan-do Temple, Arashiyama and so on. это звучит нормально?
A: Rather than "it's definitely Kyoto", maybe "the best place to go is definitely Kyoto" or "the place to be is definitely Kyoto".
Q: foliage это звучит нормально?
A: The second one sounds natural

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