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Q: Что значит get on well?
A: @leenamhappiness

It's a 'good bye' greeting, something you say to someone when you say good bye.

When you say "get on well" you want the person to stay healthy and have a good life.

Hope this was clearer :)
Q: Что значит got you there. ?
A: It means here "I was joking, and you believed me".
Q: Что значит I'm getting old over here.?
A: A person will say this if they've been waiting a long time for something or someone. It means something is taking so long, you're physically aging. It's rude to use towards someone you don't know, so especially don't use it when waiting for food at a restaurant and the waiter can hear you!
Q: Что значит got out of?
A: It's an expression used meaning you avoided a situation,test,party, anything that you did not want to do or attend
Q: Что значит we've got one.?
A: We have one/1 in our possession.

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Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с get drunk.
A: get drunk is used when you want to tell somedy that you drank so much alcohol examples:
i just drank too much yesterday and get drunk.
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с get on well with .
A: I don't think that "get on well with" is a phrase used in English.
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с got.
A: I got it

I got you

You got to be kidding me

I got to go

I got you fam

You got any gum?

Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с get.
A: Get up! - levántate!
Get away! - aléjate!
Get well - mejorate!
I will get some rest - voy a descansar un poco.
I have to get back to work. - tengo que regresar al trabajo.
I have to get the bus. - tengo que tomar/coger el autobús.
Espero te hayan servido de ayuda. 😊
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с to get around.
A: "I don't really get around with Lisa,she's too loud"
"I generally get around with quite people"
"I get around well with you"
"Mike doesn't really get around with messy people"

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Q: В чем разница между get in и get on ?
A: Yes, unfortunately there is no real reason or system to these. You get on a bus even though you are in a bus. The same is true with ships and trains. In the case of a ship. It is technically the ground. So you are on a ship in the same way that your feet are on the ground. Buses and trains are more arbitrary. Time can be equally confusing. Example. "In an hour." "At 2:30." "On January fifth."
Q: В чем разница между Can I get by you ? и Can I get by please ? ?
A: The second is more polite.
Q: В чем разница между I’ve got no where else to go. и I’ve gotten nowhere else to go. ?
A: In sentence 1, "no where" isn't a phrase in English. It would be "nowhere", as one word.

In sentence 2, "gotten" wouldn't be used here, it would just be "got" like in sentence 1.

"I've got nowhere else to go" is the most natural :)
Q: В чем разница между get on with и get by with ?
Get on with it = hurry up!
Can you just get on with it, I’m tired of this bullshit!
Getting by= barely existing
I’m barely getting by with the salary I’m making.
Q: В чем разница между to get и to gain ?
A: Gain is to ‘accumulate something’, whereas get is to ‘acquire something’.

I went shopping to get a new dress.

I have to spend more money to gain membership points.

If I gain enough points on my card, I can get a free shopping voucher.

Translations of "Get"

Q: Как сказать на Английском (британский вариант)? get
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? 気分(きぶん)を害(がい)す。=To get offended.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? got it
A: I said it slow the first time, and faster the second time.
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? gets, won't you , weren't you , can't you , didn't you
A: Weren't You, Can't you
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? I've got to go and meet him.
A: 日本語が下手なので多分間違えました。サヤカ(名前じゃないですか)の英語はとても自然です。すみません。

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Q: Пожалуйста, покажите как произносится I'm getting interested in rapping.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: ‪I’ve never got drunk this much.‬ это звучит нормально?
A: I'm not sure if you mean you've never gotten this drunk before, or it's not often you get that drunk.
"I've never gotten this drunk before"
"I don't get this drunk much"
Q: Before 8pm get undressed это звучит нормально?
A: If you are trying to say that you are getting undressed, you would say “I get undressed before 8pm.” If you are telling someone else to get undressed before 8pm you could say “Get undressed before 8pm” or “Before 8pm, get undressed”.
Q: 1doesn’t
3 get
4 doesn’t
A: 1,2,3 are correct

4 don't
Q: I got so deeply impressed. это звучит нормально?

yeah it's Natural 😊

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