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Q: Что значит Grinding
A: Depends on context. If someone is “grinding on someone”, it is slang. It means to “rub bodies together.” (Usually in a dance setting.)

It has a similar when talking about sounds. It can refer to the sound of two things rubbing together. (This, almost exclusively, is a harsh sound. Like metal on metal.)

If you’re talking about grinding coffee beans (or anything of the sort), it means to break down into smaller pieces.
Q: Что значит Grinding?
A: What's the situation? Grinding can actually mean multiple things.
Q: Что значит Grinding?
A: Working hard, usually unusually hard, to achieve a goal. That's the slang definition.

The noun is a grating sound or motion.

The verb is basically to reduce something using friction and pressure until crushing it basically. So you can see how the slang relates.
Q: Что значит Grinding out my best?
A: It means you really put a lot of effort into what you just did.

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Q: В чем разница между Grinding и Shredding ?
A: They have a similar meaning, but the difference is between the materials and the result.
grinding is usually for hard things, especially rocks or hard foods. When thinking about the use of the word grinding, think about mortars and pestles.
Examples: "the stone had been ground into dust." "To make flour you must first grind wheat."
Shredding is for softer things and you usually are left with strips. Think about a paper shredder or shredded cheese.
"My boss was so disappointed with my report that he shredded it right before my eyes."

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