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Q: Что значит lofty feelings/ideas?
A: Ideas and feelings with high standards, especially high moral standards.

Sometimes this is used in a disapproving way, to say that someone’s ideas demonstrate that they think they are superior to other people: His lofty attitude is, frankly, disgusting.
Q: Что значит lofty?
A: There's many different definitions and it depends on the context of the situation. To describe a room, lofty can mean tall (sometimes spacious). To describe a person it can be used negatively or positively. Lofty can mean a bit arrogant, pompous, snobbish or aloof. But it can be used to describe something grand or noble. Usually the negative way to be honest.
Q: Что значит lofty ?
A: it means "high" or tall

An example would be "He set some lofty goals this year for himself"
Q: Что значит lofty?
A: @philcart gave you a correct definition for how "lofty" is used as an adjective to describe "goals" or "aspirations". "Noble" would also be a good synonym.

The reason you see these pictures when googling "lofty" is that a style of housing, known as a "loft" is quite common in big cities in the US. Therefore, "lofty" could also be interpreted as "like a loft" or "loft-like", although we wouldn't really use it like this very often at all. However, Google could be easily confused.

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Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с lofty.
A: 😆👍

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Q: В чем разница между lofty и high ?
A: Lofty and high both describe things that are elevated above normal height.
Q: В чем разница между lofty и arrogant ?
A: Thanks,you make it clear and easy!
Q: В чем разница между lofty и sublime ?
A: Lofty- high up/ superior
Sublime- perfect, really good
"The lofty castle halls were filled with dust."
""I'm not like you, I'm better." He said loftily."
"That food was sublime."

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