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Q: Что значит a rank smoke?
A: is rarely used in everyday speech.
Q: Что значит in rank?
A: He got promoted quickly
Q: Что значит The rank is weighted or unweighted? ?
A: I assume this has to do with mathematics / statistics?
I apologise for my complicated English in the answer, the topic is a little complex!

rank = position in a group, for example "Jane is ranked #1 in Mathematics" (Jane is the best in the class)

Weighting refers to a method that gives more importance (weight) to certain factors compared to other factors, when the ranking is calculated.
For example, if Jane does well in Mathematics (score 80%), but poor in English (score 50%), while Anne does well in English (score 80%), but poor in Mathematics (score 50%) -
If the Mathematics score carries more weight than the English score, Jane will do better than Anne. Maybe Mathematics contributes 60% to the final score, and English contributes only 40% to the final score.
So if the rank is weighted, some factors count more towards the final score.
If the rank is unweighted, all factors count equally towards the final score.
Q: Что значит the rank of sweat ?
A: Rank = a bad smell.

Basically, they stink of sweat.
Q: Что значит "rank out" in 481?
A: Sounds backwards. To outrank someone is to be in a higher professional or political position than them.

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Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с rank and file.
A: The term "rank and file" means "the general members" as in: the members of a group or organization apart from its leaders or officers, or common soldiers with no authority. It's not very frequently used in daily conversation, but is a useful specific term.

Example: While the bosses are out drinking, the rank and file has to stay behind and do all the real work.
Example: I'm not privy to information like that since I'm just a part of the rank and file.
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с rank.
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с rank and yank.
A: A rank meaning what? Rank can mean 2 things.

An example of " Yank " is
• The girl just yank my hair. Yank can mean to pull
Another example is
•She yanked the paper from me.
Of course with yankED with "ed" at the end is past tense

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Q: В чем разница между rank the top и rank at the top ?
A: to "rank the top" means to rank the best, but the people who rank are not necessarily a part of the top. Someone like a judge would "rank the top 100 singers" but the judge is not a part of the singers. They are just giving the ranks and order.

to "rank in the top" means to be in the top yourself. A singer could "rank in the top 100 singers" as in they are a part of the top 100 singers.

this is because "rank" could mean "to give a rank to others" or "to get a rank yourself"
Q: В чем разница между rank и sort и classify ?
A: Rank means to order by some sort of quality - best to worst, slowest to fastest, etc. For example, "These coffee samples are ranked from best tasting to worst tasting." It can go in either direction.

Sort means to order or group things that share a characteristic together. "These Lego pieces are sorted by color." For things where there is a pre-defined order (alphabetical, numerical, etc), it can mean to put things into that order. "The librarian sorted the books into alphabetical order by title." or "Here is a list of the students, sorted by height."

Classify is to define what group an object fits into. You do not necessarily need to have more than one of them. "This book is classified as historical fiction."
Q: В чем разница между rank и position ?
A: rank 等級,如軍銜. position 職位,身分
Q: В чем разница между He rose in rank. и He was promoted. ?
A: Rank is more frequently used when talking about the military. And promoted can be any job.
Q: В чем разница между rank и position и status ?
A: rank = en el ejercito
position = en un negocio
status = en la comunidad

My Dad has the rank of Colonel in the army, my Mom has the position of Vice President in the bank, and they both have a lot of status in our community because they are very wealthy.

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Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? ... No. 1 rank in platform businesses
A: number one
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? 등수는 1차부터 4차 게임의 모든 점수를 합산해서 매겨질 것이다. The rank will be decided by combined scores from which 1st to 4th game.

can u pls correct my sentence???
A: thanks a million😆
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? never worst, could be better, not good, bad, good, not bad, could be worse, never better.. please rank them from highest to lowest

never worse
not good
(could be better)
could be worse
not bad
never better

Other questions about "Rank"

Q: I almost rank up. это звучит нормально?
A: "I almost ranked up" or "I'm close to ranking up" would sound better :)
Q: He was raised in rank and kind of tired. So I want to congratulate him on his promotion and drink together. I think it is definitely helpful for him to refresh. это звучит нормально?
A: "Rank" isn't used much unless referring to the army or a video games but it would work. You could also say, "He got a promotion and I wanted to congragulate him with a drink. He worked very hard and must be tired so it would be nice to relax." Hope I helped!
Q: What is the rank for the number of tourists in France? это звучит нормально?
A: 意味はちょっと曖昧です。'How does France rank in terms of number of tourists?' かな。。。
Q: "Could you tell me my rank in this class?"

I want to ask how well I'm doing in a class compared with other students. это звучит нормально?
A: Yes it sounds natural! It's always nice to throw in a "please" and "thank you". So perhaps, "Could you please tell me my rank in this class?" And once they do, simply reply with "thank you". Hope it helped.
Q: rank your popularity out of 0 to 10 это звучит нормально?
A: "Rank your popularity 0 out of 10" or just "out of 10" saying the zero is not always necessary when your saying the top number unless your counting down, 10 out of 5 for example. You give the top number people will assume the bottom number is 0.

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