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Q: Что значит Regarding?
A: In Spanish “en cuanto a....”
Q: Что значит Regarding?
A: regarding. Means. In reference to.
"I wanted to talk to you regarding our last discussion."

"Oh I have nothing else to say in that regard."
Q: Что значит Regarding ?
A: "As it relates to" or "concerning X".

Example (customer at a store): "I have a question regarding my purchase."

When used at the beginning of a sentence it makes the topic clearer.

Example (doctor at a hospital): "Regarding your wife's condition... I'm sorry, the treatment didn't work."

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Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с Regarding.

"Regarding yesterday, I have to apologize. That was wrong of me."
"She stopped, regarding him with caution."
"He searched through his texts, looking for the message regarding the appointment."

「Regard」の定義は、"何かや誰かに対する配慮や注意 "です。
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с Regarding .
A: I need some information regarding Spain. Can you help me?

Regarding the election, I am pretty sure Trump lost.
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с Regarding .
A: Regarding is often used to introduce the subject of a business letter or document, but is also used to express concern or talk about something.

“He wrote to me last week regarding a business proposition”
“We're exploring a variety of options regarding this issue”
“I will be speaking to her later today regarding the matter.”

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Q: В чем разница между As for и Regarding ?
A: They're basically interchangeable, except "as for" usually comes with the limitation of only coming at the beginning of a sentence, whereas "regarding" can be placed anywhere.

As for your concerns, ... = Regarding your concerns, ...
I have some ideas regarding... ("as for" could not be used here)
Q: В чем разница между Regarding to ~ и With the regards to ~ ?
A: With regard to your question, the first phrase is incorrect.
Q: В чем разница между Regarding и Concerning ?
A: You can really use either in a business email. I see them used interchangeably. "Regarding" might be a little more detached (to regard is to stand back and observe), and "concerning" might be a little more personal (since you might be concerned perhaps). However, I almost never see anyone use those connotations with them and you might see one just as much as the other.

- Regarding the sale of 500 appliances to the customer, the confirmation of sale should be available in the next week.

- Concerning the high priority complaint from the customer, the techs should respond by end of business today.
Q: В чем разница между Regarding и As for и With regard to и As to ?
A: When used at the start of a sentence, not a lot. "Regarding" sounds a bit more formal, stuffier. You'd usually use regarding with things, and 'as for' with people, but that's just a general thing.

Regarding and with regard to can give reasons why you're doing something, however: "Hi, I'm calling regarding the job offer." "I'm inquiring in regards to your newspaper ad."

Regarding/regards can also talk about the contents of something, which 'as for' can't: "There's a lot in here in regards to the government."

On the other hand, 'as for' is used in certain interjections: "As for you!" -- which comes back to 'as for' sounding more personal and down to earth.

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Q: Regarding "that was so nice of you," why "of"?

The quality of niceness was possessed by you. It was of you. It came from you.
Q: Regarding to him, let me tell you more about it это звучит нормально?
A: Let me tell you more about him.

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