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Q: "THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI, " written by Bertolt Brecht, has been released at Yokohama. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, one of the members of SMAP, who is a super TV star, is staring at this stage. His expression, singing, and dancing fascinate over one thousand audiences. We praised him by a standing ovation at the finale of this stage. это звучит нормально?
A: There is room for improvement. . . is a TV superstar is more natural than a super TV star. If you mean he fascinates more than one thousand audiences like more than one thousand performances your sentence is fine. If you mean there are more than one thousand in the audience that gave him the standing ovation you should say," . . fascinates an audience of over one thousand. You can't end your next sentence at finale to sound more natural.

Just in case you don't know( . . .) is written to communicate what came before or after you see those dots without having to write the entire sentence. Let me knowing that does not make sense.

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