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Q: Что значит middle-class respectability?
A: I would consider the idea of "middle-class respectablility" to represent the idea of the stereotypical burgeois life: good education, solid career, marriage, home-ownership, children, respectable social activities, etc.

The sense of the term (positive or negative) depends on the context.

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Q: What does "of upper-middle-class respectability" meaan in the folllowing context?

Josh and Beka were a powerhouse couple — affluent, attractive, highly educated, generous — and the of upper-middle-class respectability developing in my bohemian neighborhood.
A: Respactibility refers to how much respect people have for this couple in question, how respectable they are, basically how socially acceptable their position is. So this phrase refers to Josh and Beka's status in this neighbourhood being upper-middle-class (meaning they have a high social status and probably earn a lot of money, but they aren't quite upper class).

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