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Q: Что значит get your retaliation in first?
A: To retaliate, is, if someone hits you, you retaliate by hitting them back.
Kind of like responding.

country #1 says bad things about country #2 , country #3 and country #4. Country #2 got their retaliation in first by Starting bad rumors about country #1
Q: Что значит retaliation?
A: Retaliation means to get back at someone for doing something. Like revenge or a counterattack

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Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с retaliation.
A: 1. He never said a single word in retaliation.
2. They're pursuing a strategy of massive retaliation.
3.Wait until you lose no loss to know what lives in retaliation.
4. It is capable of defecting, but it does so only in retaliation.
5.There was a psychological as well as a military problem involved in massive retaliation.
Q: Покажите мне примеры предложений с retaliation.
A: He called her a slut, so she slapped him in retaliation.

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Q: В чем разница между retaliation и retribution ?
A: Retaliation is the action of returning in other words it’s revenge. And retribution is a punishment.
Q: В чем разница между retaliation и revenge ?
A: retaliation: is acting against something in order to DEFEND yourself in some way
revenge: is trying to GET EVEN with the pain someone caused you in a hateful way, more intense than retaliation
Q: В чем разница между retaliation и payback ?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: В чем разница между retaliation и revenge ?
A: Retaliation sounds military, or organizational, revenge is more personal.

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Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? retaliation

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Q: The retaliation give you nothing. So don't do that. это звучит нормально?

You will gain nothing from retaliation, so don't do that.

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