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Q: Что значит rn?
A: rn = (when texting someone) right now
Q: Что значит nervous rn but im always nervous?
A: rn is what younger people might write instead of "right now".

I'm nervous right now, but I'm always nervous.
Q: Что значит "rn" on Twitter. I want to know the complete word.
("Fr" is "For"?)?
A: Rn means “right now”
Q: Что значит rn (In teen slang)?
A: Right now
Q: Что значит rn ?
A: Puede ser "right now"
(Ahora) si estas hablando de chat

Pero para medicos significa un enfermera regustrado (registered nurse)

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Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? i had woke up at 6 am till rn didnt sleep. Is it correct?
A: You can say:

I’ve been up since 6am.
I’ve been awake since 6 AM.
I woke up at 6 AM, and I’ve been up since then.
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? What does rn mean? For example in the sentence "i'm soo embarrassing rn", what does this mean?
A: right now
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? rn
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? rn
A: In texting, "rn" is an abbreviation for "right now" (« maintenant »).
Q: Как сказать на Английском (американский вариант)? what does it mean rn in Italian ?
A: Che cosa significa?

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Q: hello, friends😊 I'm just studying rn and
imagine If someone asks me about my future, I'd love to tell them what I think about in the future😀 I wrote down the sentences below and I composed them by myself as much as I can😅 but I don't think they are correct😭 so I appreciate it if you could lend me a hand😊💞

p.s. I'd like to know If there's any other phrases that cheer you up😊 thank you in advance💞
A: This would be my literal translation based on the Japanese in the image:

Although I haven't necessarily decided yet, it would be great if I could go there by next year. Although it (予定は漠然?)is still unclear, it's my dream. I am still unsure of what I want to do in the future. I don't know even if I'm "going about it the right way". But, I don't think there is a right way, so I will do it my own way. I don't know what will happen after one or two years...


No one knows the future. Things don't always go as you want them to and I'm sure everyone has felt this way at least once. But don't let things like this get you down. Just keep looking forward and things will "turn out well".

"I don't know if I'm going about it the right way" - やりたいことがあっても、自分のやり方が良いかどうかわからない時に使う


I don't know if what I'm doing is correct.

”Turn out well” ー 良くなる

Q: rnってどう言う意味?よくみるけど…
A: rn= right now
Q: You're acting tough rn, but i know you're not mad at me. это звучит нормально?
A: It's OK. RN is obviously very colloquial.
Q: follow me rn since I haven't set my acc private yet это звучит нормально?
A: it might make more sense as "I haven't made my acc private yet"
Q: How do I do this? (I'm really desperate or I wouldn't be here rn)
A: hope this helps

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