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Q: I like seeing musical, so I visit theatres. London is ideal place for me because tickets are cheaper than Japan. это звучит нормально?
A: - MUSICALS (after seeing comes a plural noun)
- London is THE ideal place
- than IN Japan (Japan is a place, what you're referring to INSIDE Japan)

Hope that helps!
Q: How often do to go to ______?
- theatres
- movies
- cinemas
- the theatre
- the movie
- the cinema

Which word is more appropriate in this sentence? Could you please explain what is the difference?
A: The word "cinema" is outdated (old) so no one says it anymore. Not even older people. Also, we shorten the word "movie theater" by just saying "the movies." A theater can also mean a place where the have drama plays. So the most natural thing to say is "the movies." (Movies plural, not movie)

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